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  • With memories of your trip as souvenirs

  • Introduction of souvenirs

    <Introduction of souvenirs>
    There is a shop of crafts and miscellaneous goods in a corner of the front desk.

    And dishes that are used in rooms and restaurants, walnut hand-knitted bag using the skin, stocks brooch using Kaba-zaiku Craft is the craft of Kakunodate. Foods such as Akita's specialty “Inaniwa udon” and “Usuyaki Morokoshi” are also available.

    Please do not hesitate to drop in for guests other than staying.

Suggested souvenirs

  • colorful dishes

    We have a variety of nice dishes such as Mino ware and Arita Ware.
    You can also purchase a cup of tea in your room or a cup of restaurant.
    How about the memories of the trip?
  • Speaking of Kakunodate, it's “Kaba-zaiku Craft” ...

    The samurai Kaba-zaiku Craft made from the cherry blossom tree bark is said to have been introduced to the Kakunodate from the Ani region in the northern part of Akita Prefecture by the Satakehokke at the end of the 18th century.

    The new brand “KAVERS” was made by adding a little essence to the reliable technique.
    Brooch chooses the age of the person who wears. Please find your favorite.
  • Akita Morokoshi

    Morokoshi put it simply, Morokoshi is a roasted red bean, a kind of fallen candy.

    The name “Morokoshi” has various theories, but when a confectionery shop offered a confectionery made from red bean powder to Kubota Satoshi, the fourth generation owner, Yoshitake Satake, it was described as “better than the various confections” It is famous for the theory that it has been awarded.

    “Raw Morokoshi”, which does not require drying and burning, is also very popular in Kakunodate.

    In addition to being sold at the shop, this facility offers “Usuyaki Morokoshi” as a tea cake in the room.

Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel Concept

  • I respect tradition and touch tradition

  • Traditional living town, "Kyoto, Kakunodate"
    Here, the deep trees and the heavy Bukeyashiki (Samurai residence) still have the remnants of those days.
    Our country, Japan has developed at a rapid rate, Japan.
    With the rapid spread of Western culture, we have forgotten about Japan's unique traditions and tadpoles.Such an important thing which is being lost in such a modernity is inherited in this town and it is alive.
    The appearance which lived the tradition of Japan is here.
  • "Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel" touching a new tradition
    The hotel is located in the corner of the historical and traditional town of Kakunodate, and will welcome you as a space to feel and relax.

    In addition to respecting the tradition of the Kakunodate, we not only leave the tradition, we are passing through contemporary beauty (modern design) in tradition.
    It is because we want you to feel familiar and touch, not just looking at tradition and culture.
    Feel the profound history and culture from Kakunodate city and get to know and touch new modern traditional culture at Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel.

    There is a time here where you can feel, feel close, and relax.