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Local ingredients and creative Japanese dishes that resonate in traditional places

Information on meals

Dinner at the Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel will be served at the Restaurant Mominoki-tei.
Please enjoy the original Japanese cuisine course, which is made with the finest techniques of Japanese cuisine, and the local cuisine, seasonal ingredients and seasonal ingredients of Tohoku / Akita Prefecture, rich in nature.
  • Night meal

    Special meals are prepared for guests of the hotel.
    Please enjoy Akita's seasonal ingredients and creative Japanese cuisine using the skill of the chef.

    ※The ingredients you can get vary depending on the season and date, so the contents may change.Please note.

    ※If you are allergic, please let us know in advance.
    • Night meal


      Ginger vinegar with mekabu and seaweed

      Three points

      Simmered shrimp, Tartary sauce hanging of roasted salmon, Deep fried egg

      Boiled fish

      Japanese style teriyaki

      Steamed food

      Savory egg custard


      Seasonal sashimi, Three points

      Hot pot

      Lemon shabu-shabu with Hachimantai pork


      Hand-rolled sushi


      Akita Nishiki-gyu Beef Mini Steak

      Inaniwa udon


  • Morning meal

    Morning meal is Japanese set meal which used Akita food abundantly.
    White freshly boiled fragrance rich purity 100% "Akita Komachi (rice)" and local ingredients such as miso soup with rich ingredients using miso produced in Akita prefecture, grilled fish using only nearby seafood, will further refine the appetite in the morning .
    Enjoy your breakfast at Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel to your heart's content.

Passion for ingredients

We use local ingredients of various passion produced in Akita prefecture.
We will introduce the ingredients of Aochi's rich land.
  • Akita Komachi (rice)

    It is the most suitable variety for the climate of Akita prefecture with abundant water and rich soil, and is a variety with Koshihikari as parent.It was named “Akita Komachi (rice)” by Ono no Komachi from Akita Prefecture, known as an innocent beauty. The most characteristic of "Akita Komachi (rice)" is a sticky texture with rich texture.Because there are more moisture than other varieties, you can taste the rich texture.
  • Shindo kelp

    We use the kind called Gagome Kelp from Hokkaido raw material for the raw material.Combs are rich in nutrients and minerals necessary for improving the homeostasis of the body such as iodine and potassium, and they are very familiar with health and beauty.Please enjoy with miso soup of breakfast.
  • Kakunodate Natto

    Kakunodate Castle Owner Mr Satake former Kakunodate Castle Owner Mr Satake, was from Mito.It is Mito Natto (fermented beans) is famous Speaking of Mito, but Kakunodate Natto is also one theory that started when Mr Satake at that time was made in Natsukashin its taste, are also made in the preparation of the tradition that has been inherited from generation to generation today .Please enjoy the fragrant natto roasted with passion soybean during breakfast.
  • Wild plants·Vegetables

    The mountain of Akita is very rich.Wild vegetables are from bamboo shoots, mainsprings, water bubbles.Vegetables are eggplant, tomato, radish, spinach, okra, etc ...
    We provide you with dishes using seasonal ingredients from the local area.