2020.02. Nearby facility "Kakunodate Onsen" is closed until 29th.
2020.02. Limited time plan has been added.
2019.12.Room photos have been added.
Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel
Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel weeping cherry blossoms

【Official】Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel

Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel

【Enjoy the beauty of each season】

In Akita and Kakunodate, the transition of the seasons is clear, and the natural scenery and people's lives change as well.
Please enjoy Akita · Kakunodate which seems to be quite different every season.

【Harmony between traditional culture and modern design】

We respect the tradition of Kakunodate and at the same time incorporate modern design to provide you with a superb time.

【Moment of healing and comfort】

A Western-style room with a Japanese atmosphere.
We are waiting for you to prepare a room with a relaxing time.

Reservation reception desk on the day of Omagari Fireworks 2

  • Scheduled to be held on Saturday, August 29, Reiwa How to accept reservations for "Omagari Fireworks"

    We have you apply over telephone and will be decided by lot.
    ※Available for more than 2 people per room

    Period for Accepting Reservations
    February 1 (Saturday)-February 29(Saturday)
    Phone reception hours 10:00 to 21:00

    Notification of winning results
    From 10:00 on Sunday, March 1st, Reiwa 2
    The winners will be contacted by telephone only.

    Hotel Price(Example)
    One night breakfast included ¥ 14,850 (tax included) 1 person / 2 people use
    1 night without meal ¥ 13,750 (tax included) 1 person / 2 people use
    ¥ 20,350 (including tax) for one night with two people

    A 50% cancellation fee will be charged from the time of booking.

Pick up service

  • About pick-up car

    Car service starts picking up from August 2019!
    “Departure from Kakunodate Station” → “MACHIYA HOTEL KAKUNODATE” → “Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel Line” We have prepared a car to pick you up at Kakunodate Station.

    It is a complete reservation system.Please contact us by 21:00 on the day before check-in.
    We look forward to seeing you!

Information on events around the Kakunodate

  • Kakunodate Winter

    A history guide tells you about the history of Kakunodate, the origin of the weeping cherry blossoms in spring, and the life of Snow Country Akita.

    Date:Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from December to March
    From the first 11:30
    2nd 13:30 to 30 minutes

    Location:Bukeyashiki (Samurai residence)"Iwahashi family"

    The above schedule is free, otherwise it can be reserved for a fee.
    Please make a reservation 3 days in advance by phone or fax.

    Kakunodate history guide

    Semboku City Tourist Information Center"Kakunodate Eki-mae"

    ※Please understand that this is not an event at the Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • Restaurant, "Mominoki-tei"

    For dinner and breakfast, please enjoy the restaurant “Mominoki-tei”.

    Enjoy nature's rich Akita prefecture ingredients, seasonal running ingredients and seasonal ingredients.
    You can enjoy it with a fine technique of Japanese cuisine.

    ■Restaurant "Mominoki-tei"
    Opening Hours: Breakfast ... 7: 00 ~ 9: 00 (April 1 - November end)
            ... 7: 30 ~ 9: 00 (December 1st - end of March)
         Lunch ... From 11:30 to 14:00
         Dinner ... From 18:00 to 21:30
    (Last order is 30 minutes before business closing time)

    As reservation is required, please contact the restaurant (0187-52-1705) at 0187-52-1705 3 days in advance if you wish to use it.
  • Shops

    There is a shop of crafts and miscellaneous goods in a corner of the front desk.
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Tamachi Bukeyashiki Hotel


23 Tamachishimocho, Kakunodate Town, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

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Get off at Kakunodate Station, 15 minutes on foot
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